What is LeadSecure? How does it work?

A truly great product is defined by the combination of solving a business need with innovative technology. At LeadSecure we ask ourselves a few questions:

1/ How could we bring the face-to-face experience online?

2/ How to eliminate or diminish client travel and enable state or even global collaboration?

3/ How could we use the technology to ease, improve and accelerate the current process of renting, buying or selling a property?

Finally, we got the solution that every modern real estate agent should use – LeadSecure video calling.

We dedicated sufficient time and efforts to develop a unique web and mobile solution that allows real estate agents to instantly connect with existing and future renters, buyers or sellers via real-time video communication. Equipped with a built-in camera and a smartphone or tablet, we put the power in your hands.

Tour properties the way you want while interacting live with your client. Walk them virtually, answer questions on the spot, focus on details, showcase the surrounding area – the street, the view, the yard, the garden, the pool and create a customized tour focused on their unique needs.

Out of state client? Not a problem anymore.

When a client lands on your website there should be someone to warmly welcome him and respond to his needs. That’s you using LeadSecure!

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