For realtors

Equipped only with your smartphone you can use LeadSecure with your buyers/sellers, existing and future clients, partners and other realtors.

  • Real-time virtual tours - Become your client’s eyes and ears. Walk them trough the property while interacting in real time, answer questions on the spot, focus on the details. Make the tour for your buyer a unique “cater to their needs” journey.
  • Remote showing of properties in real-time - Out of area client? Out of state client? Problem solved! With a click of a button you can show a property through your smartphone to either your local or out of area clients and expand your business! No more hassle of scheduling a tour!
  • Enhanced marketing - Reach and connect with international audience. Place your short link on your marketing materials as a QR code. Share your link via email, text message and Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more. Easily promote a property as a realtor with a new innovative technology.
  • Direct contact - Face-to-face communication is extremely important in real estate. Sell yourself better, insert a human, personal connection back into business. Capture clients on the spot while they are browsing your properties. Give them the attention they deserve and provide a superior customer service.


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