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Learn how Leadsecure ensures that your leads are given the attention they deserve


For agent

  • Ability to integrate widget to your own website
  • Short URL to be called directly by your prospects
  • Dashboard where you can see the users browsing your website in real-time with browsing history, duration on the listing
  • Proactively engage the customers with audio and video call, and chat

For brokerage

  • Ability to provision and manage multiple agents under your account
  • Smart re-routing technology allowing you to transfer incoming calls to available agents
  • Real-time information about user and agent behavior

Real-time video call

There is finally a way to add a human element to online interactions that usually feel robotic with plain text chat. Leads can be talking to you face to face with the click of a button, nothing to download or install!

Be there for your leads on a moment’s notice

On-demand mobile optimized technology allows agents to have instant face to face connectivity which is even more simple than making a phone call. Incoming video requests wherever you are. It is as simple as a phone call.

LeadSecure iOS application LeadSecure Android Application

Real-time video and audio call

The only thing better than an in-person meeting is face-to-face video interaction. Bring a human element to online interactions with your leads.


Agent contact info and company logo are easily visible at all times during your conversation.

Agent profile

Route leads based on a variety of options to agents who are available now.

Routing technology

Know where your leads are located at all times, allowing you to make the best suggestions.


Easily monitor and administer all leads that are browsing your content.


There is no system in the world with 100% up-time. Allow your leads to schedule a time convenient for them to be contacted in those times when you are not available to field their request.

Offline scheduling system

Your customers can connect with one click using Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn sign on. It is easy for them and you get more information.

Single sign-on

The solution

LeadSecure is a platform that connects real estate professionals to their leads with a live video connection that requires nothing except for the browser the lead is already using. The product has a central administrative options for brokerages, as well as a myriad of options to help nurture the lead.


Our Mission

Real estate is one of the most hands on industries in the world. First impressions are extremely important. Connections which are initially made online have lower rates of success due to many factors. We are working with our customers and implementing their feedback in order to have the most useful product possible. Agents will be able to do everything required for their business directly from LeadSecure.


LeadSecure is extremely simple to deploy and use. This doesn’t mean that it is easy to build. The nuts and bolts behind it are very complex. We have a highly scalable back-end which handles lead monitoring, video routing, scaling of quality based on bandwidth, and encoding based on devices in use among other things. We base our streaming video technology on WebRTC technology which we have customized to work optimally on all devices. If you are a larger brokerage office and would like specific information, email¬†contact@leadsecure.com


  • Nick Bankov
    Nick BankovPresident and CEO

    Nick is a mobile guru with 15+ years of experience in software development and 10+ years in mobile and front-end. He has extensive operation and management background leading different size software development teams in Silicon Valley and offshore. Nick is a user experience expert and over the years built apps and products used by millions. Nick has played a key role in exits to two NASDAQ traded companies.

  • Slav Hadjidimitrov
    Slav HadjidimitrovChief Architect and Back-end Master

    Slav has 15 years of experience in software development with a specialization in back-end technologies.He has worked with WebRTC since its inception and knows all of the ins and outs needed to deliver a high quality experience. He is an expert in designing collaboration software and brining ideas to fruition by leading teams of 40+ developers through the hurdles that are bound to come up when bringing a product to market.


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